"fresh from the factory to our boutique"

Do you have an online shop?
No, the Cerine Chocolate  does not currently sell online. 

Why not?
Our product range changes nearly every day! We make our products in very small batches depending on what cocoa, fruit & berries are in season or available. This makes it difficult to maintain

an online store and keep an up to date stock list.

The Cerine Chocolate typically makes 50-80 kg of each product before shipping it to our boutique , most products usually sell out within 2 days.

Our philosophy is to make industry leading chocolate creations that are manufactured fresh and consumed fresh. Sometimes products are once-offs never to be seen again! We believe this is what makes us unique. 

So please forgive us for not selling online, just remember to stock up when you next visit our Cerine Boutique !

Hand crafted daily in Kuwait