Coated Nuts

Our handy-sized Nutty Selectors are the perfect way to try something artistic and original or you can continue enjoying our selection

of all time  favorites. Cerine provides you with the ultimate chocolate experience through our unique praline nuts filling.

We still produce our pralines according to the original recipe from the fifties, which takes a combination of fresh in-house

roasted nuts that are then caramelized in the traditional copper kettles by our  chocolate.

Chocolate Coated Nuts |


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Indulge your loved ones  with the timeless luxury
of Cerine chocolates
dragees box

chocolate covered fruits

Ballotin Chocolate Box
The luxurious textured ballotin boxes witch are Cerine chocolate classic in one brown classic color with orange ribbon.We have different type of special chocolatier from each other combined and appeals to everyone’s taste palate.
Ruller Box
Our favorite! Delicious almonds and hazelnuts coated in dark and milk
chocolate, which you can also choose sprinkled with cocoa or icing sugar.
Treat someone special - or yourself...
Ballotin Box
Almond and Hazelnuts with Chocolate
Be surprised and captivated by the association of nuts and fine chocolate.
Simple pleasures are often the best!
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