Quality-Oriented and Goal oriented: We deliver on all our promises, and we do this in accordance to international  quality standards and in support of our company goals.


Customer-Oriented: We effectively foresee, understand and meet the needs of our customers, ensuring maximum satisfaction.


Innovative and Dynamic: We are a company that is constantly and rapidly learning, adapting, developing and adding value to this industry through our progressive ideas.


Efficient and Consistent: We continuously increase our efficiency in every area and strive to create sustainable added value for our stakeholders while simultaneously enabling our customers to obtain quality products at remarkable prices.



Cerine Chocolate has developed a brand of extraordinary chocolates unlike anything else currently on the market.  

Originality, Innovation and Distinctiveness are few adjectives that describe our fresh approach to the art of Chocolate making. From the beginning, all natural high-quality ingredients, impeccable flavors, and uncompromising standards were top priorities.


 Our delicious creations have been handcrafted from the heart, creating a unique line of premium chocolates. From the sweet-salty combination of caramel and hazelnuts in the signature recipe that started it all, to the long list of cutting-edge confections and Turkish Delights (Lokum).


The social aspect of giving gifts and the pleasure that is expressed across all ages, is what drives our passion to excel in our business.

Cerine Chocolate delivers what no other brand can – chocolate perfection.